World of Warcraft players share ingenious multiseat mount concept

A World of Warcraft player comes up with a brilliant idea for a multi-seat carriage mount that would be able to accommodate an entire dungeon party.

World of Warcraft has rarely shown restraint when it came to designing the mounts that players can buy from the store or obtain from the game, and one of his fans suggested a brilliant idea for a multi-seater that would continue that tradition. Mounts come from a variety of sources, the most famous being rare drops looted from bosses in the numerous dungeons and raids World of Warcraft.

Often, and to the annoyance of players, store-exclusive mounts seem to get the most attention and care from developers – a trend that has started catastrophe and was only exacerbated further during the content drought Battle for Azeroth with the inclusion of six-month subscription mounts. However, the introduction of the trading post is too World of Warcraft created a new avenue for Blizzard and the community to find a compromise.


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Posted on the official subreddit for World of Warcraft, Hjalmar Rambles presented their idea of ​​a multi-seat carriage mount that would feel right at home within the new reward system introduced with the Trading Post. Inspired by the Hive Mind mount released in the last patch of Battle for Azeroththe carriage would seat an entire group of five, no doubt offering them a stylish way to travel from one mythical keystone to the next.

The brilliance of the carriage mount idea lies in both its lore-friendly design and its ability to create race-based variants. An orc caravan, a pandaren rickshaw, and a gnome transport mech are just a few examples listed by HjalmarRambles of how the concept could be further scaled. However, multi-seater mounts like this tend to attract bad players as nothing would stop a paladin from doing so World of Warcraft from racing the carriage off a cliff, dismounting and using the Divine Shield to watch their party members fall to their deaths.

While the Dragon Isles have certainly introduced many cool mounts to obtain, the real obsession for players is in that dragonflight was kite riding. This feature has completely changed the way fans approach journeys through the playable zones World of Warcraft to the point that the community is regularly begging Blizzard to implement dragon riding outside of it dragonflightas well as to continue to support the feature in future expansions.

While there’s no guarantee Blizzard will ever implement a multi-seat carriage mount World of Warcraftthe precedent already exists with Vulpera Caravans, Venthyr Carriages, and Fiona’s Wagon, all of which have appeared in quests from the past World of Warcraft extensions. It’s certainly an idea that wouldn’t feel out of place in Azeroth or beyond, but given the nature of the Dragon Isles, it makes sense to focus on dragon riding for now.

World of Warcraft is now available on PC.

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