Twitter now shows the number of bookmarks on tweets

Twitter added another social media statistic to users’ tweets: bookmark count.

On Thursday, Twitter began rolling out analytics for tweets, showing how many times a tweet was sent noticed(Opens in a new tab). At the time of publication, bookmark count stats only appear on Twitter’s iOS apps, but will soon be expanded to appear on Twitter for web and other platforms as well.

Bookmark counts

This is what the bottom of a tweet page looks like now. So many numbers…
Credit: Mashable Screenshot

“We love bookmarks to save tweets to revisit later,” Posted(Opens in a new tab) the official @TwitterSupport account. ‚ÄúStarting today on iOS, you can see the total number of times a tweet has been bookmarked in the tweet details.

And to be clear, the number of times a tweet has been bookmarked is publicly displayed. Users can’t see who bookmarked a tweet because bookmarks are meant to be private.

“We will never show which accounts have bookmarked a tweet,” Twitter said added(Opens in a new tab) to his tweet explanation.

Adding bookmark numbers was already heavily criticized on Twitter, with users believing the number was meaningless. others have joked(Opens in a new tab) that Twitter has added so many different social media stats to individual tweets that the tweet page has now become cluttered. Women in particular on the platform were concerned to find out how many times(Opens in a new tab) Bookmarked photos of themselves they shared.

Tweets already showed how often they were retweeted, quoted and liked. Twitter was launched in December, shortly after Elon Musk acquired the company look counts also for tweets. With the addition of bookmark counts, five different metrics are now displayed for each individual tweet.

Jane Manchun Wong, a developer who often finds that new features are added to apps before they are officially launched, first reported(Opens in a new tab) about the number of bookmarks from Twitter added to the tweet details last month. they also noticed(Opens in a new tab) a trend now that the bookmark count is also public.

“Just looking at porn tweets it seems they have a higher bookmarks to likes ratio,” Wong tweeted.

For those unfamiliar with the feature, Twitter first introduced bookmarks 2018. Previously, many Twitter users would “like” a tweet to save it for later. However, since likes are public, liking a tweet would often be misinterpreted as confirming what the post said. The bookmarking feature allowed users to privately create a collection of tweets to refer back to later.

In January this year Twitter touched(Opens in a new tab) the bookmark feature in its mobile apps from a drop-down menu to a tapable icon visible on the same page as each tweet. The aim was to promote the use of the feature on the platform. Not long after, Musk tweeted(Opens in a new tab) its intention to include the number of times a tweet was bookmarked in the total number of likes. However, with the introduction of bookmark counting, the two metrics seem to remain separate.

As we all know, Musk is a big fan of social media stats.

The billionaire reportedly called an emergency meeting with Twitter engineers on the night of the Super Bowl after a tweet by President Joe Biden surpassed one of his. The next day, Twitter rolled out an algorithm change that placed Musk’s tweets at the top of everyone’s feed.

Musk also called Twitter “Biggest click driver(Opens in a new tab) on the Internet” and later deleted the tweet when fact checks indicated that the social network is actually a fairly minor traffic driver compared to its competitors.

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