The upcoming horror game overtakes Starfield on Steam’s Most Wishlistd Chart

Starfield, the highly-anticipated next RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, is followed by a surprise horror title as a wish-list Steam game.

horror title sons of the forest has overtaken the highly anticipated RPG from Bethesda Game Studios starfield as a Steam wishlist game. It’s easy to see why starfield would be one of the most searched game releases of 2023, although Bethesda has yet to announce a release date for the game. That it would be overtaken by a much smaller indie horror game is a surprise, to say the least. But given Steam’s reputation as the home of virally successful indie games, that’s perhaps less surprising than one might first think.


It’s more than understandable for starfield to be at the top of Steam’s most popular games list. Between Stand out And Elder Scrolls franchise, Bethesda Game Studios is one of the most successful video game development studios in the industry. If any, starfieldSteam wishlists are expected to grow dramatically. That’s because starfield There is currently no release date as Bethesda Softworks is waiting for the game to be as polished as possible before launching.

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The lack of a release date has left an opportunity for another much-anticipated Steam release starfield but on wish lists. Some might be surprised to hear the game has overtaken starfield Is sons of the forest, a game some may have never heard of. Yet the excitement for the horror survival game is undeniable.

While the reasons for sons of the forest shoots to the top of Steam’s most-ordered wish lists are multi-faceted, with a few clear explanations. The first is this sons of the forest is a sequel to the incredibly popular survival horror game The forest. It has over 390,000 reviews on Steam, and those reviews give the game an overwhelmingly positive average. The forest Players are excited to revisit the experience to see what developer Endnight Games has improved.

Another reason why the wish lists have increased significantly sons of the forest is that survival horror game launches soon. An Early Access release date for sons of the forest was announced in early February. Players can try sons of the forest for yourself from February 23rd.

Early Access for sons of the forest offers both single player and multiplayer modes for up to eight players. It will feature a nightmarish story, crafting, the ability to build, extensive cave systems to explore, dynamic weather, and tons of weapons and enemies. For those looking for something to play with starfield coming later this year sons of the forest can be a good option.

sons of the forest launches February 23rd in Early Access on PC.

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