The new Kickstarter adds 3D printed Elden Ring style Nebula Gates to your D&D campaign

Tabletop RPGs are a time-consuming hobby, with some game masters spending hours setting up the perfect virtual or physical map for the climax of the D&D session. If you want to add a little extra pizzazz to your sessions, a Kickstarter will sell you a 3D printed portal that you can use to create your own fog gates, and the effect is pretty impressive.

Black Scrolls Games is one of many companies that sells 3D printed terrain pieces for D&D campaigns, intended for grid-based combat or simply to give your players an idea of ​​the battlefield. However, this Kickstarter also includes portal pieces that hold your phone, allowing you to create a swirling gate effect or even the fog gates made famous by FromSoftware’s Souls series. They can even be used horizontally for a cauldron effect. You’ll need a 3D printer to make these, though, so make sure you know that before you endorse it.