The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 3 Review – A fun distraction

Last weeks Chapter 18 slowed down The Mandalorian after a shaky return that juggled many different pieces of the larger puzzle, and the third episode of season three is arguably the quietest of the entire show by far. And it’s anything but filler, as it’s a distraction that’s the polar opposite of the external abduction we saw in The Book of Boba Fett, though it feels similar at first.

“The Convert” resumes the storylines of New Republic and Imperial Remnant without fully breaking away from Din and Bo-Katan’s ongoing adventure, and continues to tease that much of the series’ narrative moves towards a continuation of the trilogy . It’s also an excellent response from Jon Favreau (along with co-writer Noah Kloor) to viewers who have claimed he’s unable to step out of the “kenner toy sandbox” with this show. In fact, the episode lands closer Andor than The Mandalorian, although the galaxy here is much more colorful and full of aliens.

Spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian Chapter 19: “The Convert”

Bo-Katan after encountering the mythosaur. (Image credit: Disney)

Chapter 19 picks up right where the previous episode went black, with Bo-Katan reeling from her unexpected encounter with the legendary mythosaur. Din wakes up and doesn’t look very wet, so we have to assume she’s been sitting there for a while trying to process what just happened.

As stated in Chapter 18, she reevaluates her beliefs after being left with only one castle after failing to find the Darksaber. Orthodox traditions still weigh on even the most progressive of Mandalorians, and her encounters with mythosaurs only make things worse… or even better, as she could use that to her advantage. Regardless, she appears to be returning (at least in part) to tradition to achieve her goals. We’ll come back to that later.

TIE interceptors attack. (Image credit: Disney)

A pit stop on Kalevala is mandatory for the titular Mandalorian to recover his N-1, but once they return to the planet things spiral out of control as a squadron of TIE interceptors fire on Bo’s starfighters in an attempt to kill him . What follows is another reminder of Disney and Lucasfilm’s commitment to The Mandalorian as their flagship Disney Plus series; The budget shines once again and the ILM folks get to flex their muscles, as does Oscar-nominated director Lee Isaac Chung (Minari).

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