Splatoon 3 players have a new way to get missed emotes and catalog gear

As Splatoon 3 enters its third season of content, new and returning players will have the opportunity to earn old catalog items they may have missed.

There is now a way for turn 3 Players can obtain emotes and other cosmetic items from previous catalogs. With turn 3 Now in its third season, there is a wide variety of gear, titles, and other cosmetics for players to unlock.

The catalog in turn 3 is an in-game item that works similarly to Battle Passes in other multiplayer games, such as: Fourteen days And Apex Legends. The game’s seasons, each lasting about three months, all have their own catalogs that allow players to earn rewards by leveling up. With the new weapons and maps coming in turn 3‘s Fresh Season players now have access to the latest catalogue. However, many people have been wondering how to get rewards from previous catalogs that they missed, which is especially relevant for new players.


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The fans got the answer to this question with the latest turn 3 To update. A page on the Nintendo website states that previous cosmetic catalog items such as emotes and titles will return as rewards obtainable through the Shell Out machine turn 3. The Shell Out machine is available in the multiplayer lobby and lets players spend cash for a random reward. Players can get a discounted slot game once a day for 5,000 cash, with each subsequent purchase on the same day costing 30,000 cash.

splatoon 3 lobby shell out machine

Unlike other new Fresh Season content, such as B. adding online games in turn 3 Tabletturf Battle, this catalog change was not promoted by Nintendo on the official North American site splatoon Twitter account. A fan on the splatoon Subreddit called Sappie297 spotted this change when they unlocked an emote from the previous catalog via the Shell Out machine. Other fans responded enthusiastically to her post that they now had a chance to get items they had missed, although there was skepticism as to whether all of the previous rewards would be available.

Battle Passes have been a staple of online multiplayer gaming since the system was pioneered by games like Fourteen days, but they have remained controversial among gamers. For example, the Season 3 Battle Pass surveillance 2 recently came under fire from fans who felt it was deceptive in presenting rewards. The inclusion of the catalog in turn 3 remains a somewhat contentious issue, particularly because it means players who can’t level up fast enough could potentially miss out on rewards. However, these fans can rest assured that they will still have opportunities to earn items they previously missed, ensuring future players will still be able to enjoy past cosmetic items.

turn 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Nintendo, Reddit

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