NuraTrue Pro earbuds deliver custom sound and exceptional spatial audio

Australian headphone company Nura has carved a niche for itself by making products that can be customized to a person’s hearing using very clever technology to create truly personalized sound for you.

Nura was born in 2015 by Dr. Dragan Petrovic, Dr. Founded by Luke Campbell and Kyle Slater. The company originated in Melbourne and was funded with Kickstarter funds and venture capital. Since then, Nura has achieved many successes. The latest product is the NuraTrue Pro, the new version of the brand’s true wireless earbuds but with the latest Snapdragon Sound platform and advanced active noise cancellation.

The Nura line of headphones and earphones use highly sensitive microphones to measure otoacoustic emissions. In effect, the microphones measure how the listener’s ears respond to a test signal and use the data to map the person’s hearing. The measurements form a tailored EQ setting that fits the wearer’s hearing like a glove. The difference is stunning.

Setting up the NuraTrue Pro couldn’t be easier. The user just needs to download the Nura app for their iOS or Android smartphone and then connect the earbuds via Bluetooth. The app starts by measuring the wearer’s hearing and creates an individual profile in no time. You can have multiple profiles and the test can be repeated at any time.

Compared to the original NuraTrue earbuds, the new model has seen some cosmetic changes with a different trim for the earbuds and charging case, as well as updated logos. This version now supports wireless charging and charges much faster when using the included USB-C cable.

Other technical improvements include more microphones for the ANC function, which automatically adjusts the strength of the filtering depending on the background noise. The other addition is bone conduction to pick up the user’s voice more clearly, especially in windy conditions, which can be a nightmare with wireless earbuds.

Like many true wireless earbuds and headphones hitting the market, the NuraTrue Pro has adopted Qualcomm’s new aptX Adaptive Codec. In theory, and with a compatible smartphone, the NuraTrue Pro can wirelessly receive Bluetooth lossless audio at 44.1kHz and CD-quality 16-bit lossless audio. Unfortunately, Apple iOS device does not support aptX, so AAC is the best Apple users can get.

The other big upgrade on the sound front is that the NuraTrue Pro now has a spatial audio mode that’s enabled by default. It can be turned off. This is Dirac Virtuo spatial audio and should not be confused with Dolby Atmos or any other spatial standard.

The NuraTrue Pro are physically quite large, but they also feel very comfortable. Included with the ear tips are four additional silicone ear tips and foam tips. Choosing the right size is essential for an excellent fit and optimal sound.

A full charge of the earbuds delivers an impressive eight hours of playtime. Meanwhile, the charging case provides up to 24 hours of reserve power to charge the earbuds before the case needs to be recharged. The case can be topped up via the included USB-C cable or placed on a Qi-compatible charging mat. It takes a little longer to charge, but it is more convenient.

Each earbud has touch-sensitive controls for all the usual things like pausing the music, skipping tracks, answering calls or adjusting the volume. Using a combination of Taps, Double Taps and Triple Taps, Nura has made six functions easy to access. The faucet functions can be customized using the Nura app. The app also has other handy features like customizable EQ and ANC settings.

The NuraTrue Pro’s ANC feature is a step change from the regular Nura True. Thanks to Adaptive ANC, the NuraTrue Pro does a great job of blocking out unwanted noise. It works best on continuous sounds like an airplane engine or road noise when driving a car. It’s very effective. I particularly like the ability to pause music and switch to ambient mode, so you can stop the music and hear a trip announcement or someone speaking to you with a tap.

The four microphones built into each earbud do a great job of capturing the user’s voice and have bone conduction capability that helps clarify phone conversations, especially those made outdoors. The noise-cancelling microphones do a great job of canceling out unwanted background noise.

Now let’s talk about the sound quality. Keep in mind that the NuraTrue Pro were adjusted for my imperfect hearing, but the music came alive with these incredible earbuds. These are some of the most engaging earbuds I’ve reviewed recently. The depth of the bass and the positioning of the soundstage with the spatial processing is incredible.

The NuraTrue Pro’s distortion levels must be low because I didn’t feel any fatigue while listening to music. With many of the headphones I test, I quickly get a headache or can’t get into the music because there’s distortion and my brain has to work harder to process the sound. With the NuraTrue Pro, it’s like I’m suddenly hearing the music much clearer, like a layer of fog has been wiped away. It’s like putting on new glasses. Suddenly everything is sharper without ever sounding shrill or harsh. There’s a depth and richness to the sound that’s really satisfying.

Verdict: The NuraTrue Pro earbuds are the Rolls-Royce of true wireless earbuds. The customization feature is so easy to use and makes a huge difference. It’s like having a tailored suit made instead of something off the shelf. The ANC feature has been beefed up with a new adaptive mode. Increased the microphones for making and receiving calls to eight and added a bone conduction function for better and clearer calls. The spatial audio feature is one of the most impressive and doesn’t sound artificial. You also get the bonus of support for the Snapdragon Sound platform, which offers some future-proofing for Android users. Overall, the NuraTrue Pro’s sound is nothing short of breathtaking. However, all this excellence comes at a price. The earbuds don’t come cheap, but if you want some of the most engaging earbuds out there, try the NuraTrue Pro. you won’t go back Highly recommended.

Prices & Availability: The NuraTrue Pro earbuds are available now, priced at $329 / £299 / €359.

More info:

Technical specifications:

  • Driver: 10mm dynamic.
  • Audio codecs: Qualcomm aptX Lossless (44.1 kHz, 16-bit CD-quality lossless audio, bit-for-bit with maximum bitrate: 1.2 Mbit/s) / aptX Adaptive / aptX Classic / AAC / SBC.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-40,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 101dB.
  • Microphones: 8 (including 2 bone conduction)
  • Microphone noise cancellation: Qualcomm aptX Voice for super wideband (32kHz) voice calls.
  • Spatial audio: Dirac Virtuo.
  • ANC: Adaptive Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation.
  • Controls: 4 configurable touch inputs per earbud.
  • Functions: Options include play/pause, skip track, change volume, voice assistant.
  • Battery: 32 hours total / 8 hours (earbuds).
  • Charging: USB-C / Wireless.
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4.
  • Weight: Earbuds (each): 8.6 g Case: 51.2 g
  • Dimensions: 72.4 x 30.2 x 35mm (body).

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