NFL Combine 2023 Score Tracker Highlights: Historic 40-yard dash, teammates dominate, more big accomplishments

This week more than 300 interested parties for the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine are in Indianapolis. Each of these players wants to improve their draft stock and potentially find their future NFL team in the process.

On Thursday, we compiled the top scores of defensive linemen, edge rushers, and linebackers who participated in on-field drills. On Friday we did the same for cornerbacks and safety. Below are each of Indianapolis’ top performances as several players have certainly improved their draft shares based on their performances.

Fans should also check out our full NFL draft coverage in the coming weeks leading up to the 2023 NFL Draft.


For official measurements Click here.

Remarkable 40-yard dash times

  • DJ Turner (Michigan): 4.26
  • Jakorian Bennett (Maryland): 4:30
  • Deonte Banks (Maryland): 4.35
  • Emmanuel Forbes (Mississippi State): 4.35
  • Kelee Ringo (Georgia): 4.36
  • Darius Rush (South Carolina): 4.36
  • Christian Gonzalez (Oregon): 4.38

Remarkable long jumps

  • Julius Brents (Kansas State): 11’6″
  • Deonte Banks (Maryland): 11’4″
  • Cam Smith (South Carolina): 11’2″
  • Jakorian Bennett (Maryland): 11’1″
  • Christian Gonzalez (Oregon): 11’1″
  • Jay Ward (LSU): 11’0″
  • Tre’Vius Hodges Tomlinson (TCU): 11’0″
  • Cory Trice Jr (Purdue): 11’0″

Remarkable 10-yard split

  • DJ Turner II (Michigan): 1.47
  • Jaylon Jones (Texas A&M): 1.48
  • Jakorian Bennett (Maryland): 1.48
  • Cameron Mitchell (Northwest): 1.48
  • Emmanuel Forbes (Mississippi State): 1.48
  • Riley Moss (Iowa): 1.48
  • Deonte Banks (Maryland): 1.49
  • Kei’Trel Clark (Louisville): 1.49
  • Kyu Blu Kelly (Stanford): 1.49
  • Cam Smith (South Carolina): 1.49

Notable vertical jumps

  • Deonte Banks (Maryland): 42″
  • Julius Brents (Kansas State): 41.50″
  • Christian Gonzalez (Oregon): 41.50″
  • Jakorian Bennett (Maryland): 40.50″
  • Darrell Luter Jr. (Southern Alabama): 40.50″

DJ Turner runs the fastest defensive 40 time

Michigan’s DJ Turner may have seen his draft stocks soar Friday afternoon. The two-time All-Big Ten pick is CBS Sports’ No. 11 cornerback, and he ran an official 4.26 40-yard dash. Watch his run here:

Turner’s time is the fifth-fastest all-time at the combine and was the fastest of any defensive player at this year’s NFL combine.

Fast Turtles

One of Friday’s biggest takeaways came thanks to the University of Maryland. Cornerbacks Jakorian Bennett and Deonte Banks apparently became the fastest cornerback teammates in History of the NFL Combine with 4.30 and 4.35 40-yard dash times. They came in second and third behind Turner.

Banks also led all cornerbacks with a 42-inch vert, while Bennett placed fourth with 40.50 inches. Banks was second with a long jump of 11’4″ while Bennett was just behind him at 11’1″. If you enjoy looking at sporting test numbers, these are the two players for you. Next Gen Stats had Banks and Bennett at the top of the NGS sports score rankings for cornerbacks at the combine.

LaDainian Tomlinson’s nephew impresses

Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson is a minor player, but you know what they say: you can’t run from DNA. The nephew of Hall of Famer running back LaDainian Tomlinson finished eighth among cornerbacks in the 40-yard dash with 4.41, sixth in the vertical with 39″ and sixth in the long jump with 11’0″. .

Hodges-Tomlinson is CBS Sports’ No. 18 cornerback in that class, but he’s fast, athletic and could make an impact as a nickel back.

A family affair

Not only did we have the nephew of an NFL star training at Lucas Oil Stadium on Friday night; we also had the son of one. Joey Porter Jr. didn’t participate in field practice, but he did make the vaults and 40-yard dash after posting some great measurements for one of the best cornerbacks in the class. Here he leads the 40 while his father, five-time All-Pro linebacker Joey Porter, looks on.


For official measurements Click here.

Remarkable 40-yard dash times

  • Brandon Hill (Pittsburgh): 4.43
  • Daniel Scott (Cal): 4.45
  • Jartavius ​​Martin (Illinois): 4.46
  • Sydney Brown (Illinois): 4.47
  • Antonio Johnson (Texas A&M): 4.52
  • Battle of Jordan (Alabama): 4.55

Notable vertical jumps

  • Jartavius ​​Martin (Illinois): 44″
  • Jason Taylor II (Oklahoma): 43″
  • Sydney Brown (Illinois): 40.5″
  • Chamarri Conner (Virginia Tech): 40.5″
  • Daniel Scott (cal.): 39.50″

Remarkable long jumps

  • Jartavius ​​Martin (Illinois): 11’1″
  • Sydney Brown (Illinois): 10’10”
  • Jason Taylor II (Oklahoma): 10’9″
  • Daniel Scott (Cal): 10’8″

Fighting Illini dominate

If it weren’t for the scintillating cornerback duo of Maryland’s Deonte Banks and Jakorian Bennett, we’d be talking about Illinois having the best pair of teammates to practice Friday night. Jartavius ​​Martin was the headliner as his 44-inch vertical jump outperformed all defensive players, and he complemented that with an 11-foot-1 long jump (first under the safeties) and a 4.46-40-yard dash (third).

That said, don’t sleep on teammate Sydney Brown, who finished just behind Martin in the long jump (10-foot-10) while jumping 40.5 inches and running the 40 in 4.47 seconds.

Defensive linemen

For official measurements Click here

Remarkable 40-yard dash times

  • Calijah Kancey (Pittsburgh): 4.67
  • Jalen Redmond (Oklahoma): 4.81
  • Dante Stills (West Virginia): 4.85
  • Bryan Bresee (Clemson): 4.86
  • Gervon Dexter Sr. (Pittsburgh): 4.88
  • Zach Pickens (South Carolina): 4.89
  • Moro Ojomo (Texas): 5.04
  • Keanu Benton (Wisconsin): 5.08

Remarkable three-cone drill times

  • Jalen Redmond (Oklahoma): 7:30 a.m
  • Keeanu Benton (Wisconsin): 7.34
  • Dante Stills (West Virginia): 7.38
  • Zacch Pickens (South Carolina: 7.45
  • Grevon Dexter Sr. (Florida): 7.50
  • Jerrod Clark (Costa Carolina): 7.60
  • Byron Young (Alabama): 7.68
  • DJ Dale (Alabama): 7.69
  • Siaki Ika (Baylor): 7.80

Remarkable long jumps

  • Jalen Redmond (Oklahoma): 9’8″
  • Zach Pickens (South Carolina): 9’8″
  • Dante Stills (West Virginia): 9’5″
  • Moro Ojomo (Texas): 9’4″
  • Keeanu Benton (Wisconsin): 9’3″
  • Nesta Jade Silvera (Arizona State): 9’2″
  • Gervon Dexter Sr. (Florida): 9’2″
  • Byron Young (Alabama): 9’0″

Remarkable bench press

  • Mazi Smith (Michigan): 34
  • Jaquelin Roy (LSU): 30
  • Tyler Lacy (Oklahoma): 30
  • Moro Ojomo (Texas): 29th
  • Jalen Redmond (Oklahoma): 27
  • Bryan Bresee (Clemson): 22

Kancey’s breathtaking speed

Calijah Kancey showed his speed in impressive fashion on Day 1, posting a 4.67-second 40-yard dash. It’s the fastest time recorded by a defensive tackle at the NFL Combine since 2003. Kancey — CBS Sports’ fourth-ranked defensive tackle and No. 40 overall — has readings similar to fellow Pitt and Rams superstar Aaron Donald. who ran 0.01 seconds slower than Kancey in the 40 Next generation statistics.


Remarkable 40-yard dash times

  • Owen Pappoe (Maroon): 4.39
  • Trenton Simpson (Clemson): 4.43
  • Yasir Abdullah (Louisville): 4.47
  • Dorian Williams (Tulane): 4.49
  • Dee Winters (TCU): 4.49
  • Charlie Thomas (Georgia Tech): 4.52
  • Anfernee Orji (Vanderbilt): 4.53
  • Shaka Heyward (Duke): 4.53
  • Jeremy Banks (Tennessee): 4.53
  • Dalyan Henley (Washington State): 4.54
  • DeMarvion exaggerated (Texas): 4.56

Notable vertical jumps

  • Anfernee Orji (Vanderbilt): 38.50″
  • Jeremy Banks (Tennessee): 37.50″
  • Jack Campbell (Iowa): 37.50″
  • Yasir Abdullah (Louisville): 36.50″
  • Owen Pappoe (Maroon): 35.50″
  • Dalyan Henley (Washington State): 35.00″

Remarkable long jumps

  • Yasir Abdullah (Louisville): 10’9″
  • Jack Campbell (Iowa): 10’8″
  • Jeremy Banks (Tennessee): 10’7″
  • Owen Pappoe (Maroon): 10’6″

Remarkable bench press

  • Lonnie Phelps (Kansas): 31
  • Owen Pappoe (Maroon): 29
  • Noah Sewell (Oregon): 27
  • Trenton Simpson (Clemson): 25

Edge rusher

Remarkable 40-yard dash times

  • Nolan Smith (Georgia): 4.39
  • Byron Young (Tennessee): 4.43
  • Robert Beal Jr. (Georgia): 4.48
  • DJ Johnson (Oregon): 4.49
  • Adetomiwa Adebawore (Northwest): 4.49
  • YaYa Diaby (Louisville): 4.51
  • Derick Hall (Maroon): 4.55
  • Lonnie Phelps (Kansas): 4.55
  • Isaiah Foskey (Notre Dame): 4.58
  • Luke van Ness (Iowa): 4.58
  • Nick Hampton (Appalachia State): 4.58
  • Will Anderson Jr. (Alabama): 4.60

Remarkable three-cone drill times

  • Jose Ramirez (East Michigan): 6.95
  • Luke van Ness (Iowa): 7.02
  • Habakkuk Baldonado (Pittsburgh: 7.11
  • Byron Young (Tennessee): 7.19
  • Isaiahland (Florida A&M): 7.20

Remarkable long jumps

  • Byron Young (Tennessee): 11’0″
  • Will McDonald IV (Iowa State): 11’0″
  • Nolan Smith (Georgia): 10’8″
  • Derick Hall (Maroon): 10’7″
  • Isaiahland (Florida A&M): 10’6″
  • BJ Ojulari (LSU): 10’6″
  • Isaiah Foskey (Notre Dame): 10’5″
  • Adetomiwa Adebawore (Northwest): 10’5″
  • Robert Beal Jr. (Georgia): 10’3″
  • Isaiah McGuire (Missouri): 10’2″

Remarkable bench press

  • Keion White (Georgia Tech): 30
  • Adetomiwa Adebawore (Northwest): 27
  • Myles Murphy (Clemson): 25
  • Zach Harrison (Ohio State): 25
  • Tyree Wilson (Texas Tech): 23
  • Isaiah Foskey (Notre-Dame): 22
  • Luke van Ness (Iowa): 17th
  • Andre Carter II (Army): 11

Adetomiwa Adebawore has disappeared from the charts

Despite being 6-foot-2 and 282-pounds, Adebawore trained with the edge rusher group and put on a show. The Northwestern product had a 4.54-40 yard dash, a 1.61-10 yard split, a 37.50 foot vertical and a 10 foot 5 inch long jump. Adebawore’s 40-time was faster than fellow Big Ten graduates Aidan Hutchinson and Nick Bosa. Before today, the fastest 40-minute time at the combine since 2000 by a 280-pounder player was Aaron Donald’s 4.68 seconds. Adebawore is currently ranked 89th by CBS Sports, but he could move up with his performance on the board rolls.

Nolan Smith has speed and hops

Georgia’s Nolan Smith showed the NFL he can compete with the best with a 41.5-inch vertical. Smith, who has drawn comparisons to Eagles edge rusher Haason Reddick, is CBS Sports’ sixth-ranked edge rusher and the No. 36 overall prospect in the class. He also officially ran a stunning 4.30-second 40-yard dash, which faster than DeAndre Hopkins and Stefon Diggs when they came out. Oh, and it is also faster than Giants running back Saquon Barkley (4.40).

Will McDonald’s “Flu Game”

Iowa State Edge rusher Will McDonald IV fell ill with a fever near 104 degrees, according to reports Tuesday night NFL Media. Despite being ill and losing weight in the past 48 hours, he insisted on training on Thursday. McDonald, ranked No. 11 by CBS Sports, had an 11-foot long jump — which ranked second among all defensemen and linebackers.

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