Miami biochemist accused of drugging and sexually assaulting several women in luxury apartment

A Miami biochemist has been arrested and charged with multiple drugging and sexually assaulting three women in his luxury downtown apartment.

Jeremy Bittner, 41, was arrested Monday on charges of sexual harassment, false imprisonment and possession of a controlled substance, according to NBC Miami.

According to police reports, two women said they were sexually assaulted by him, while another woman said she managed to get away from him despite being drugged.

“The way I would categorize him, he is a person who has been the victim of at least three women. He caused pain and suffering that will last for the rest of her life, I’m sure. Thankfully, these women were brave enough to come forward,” Miami Beach Police Department spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez told NBC Miami.

“Ultimately, our goal is to make sure this man stays behind bars.”

According to an arrest report, the suspect picked up a 25-year-old woman from Miami International Airport on October 29.

She said that upon arriving at the apartment, she saw what she believed to be methamphetamine, ketamine and cocaine and told police the suspect had been using cocaine, then became violent towards her and attacked her grabbed my hair.

He then allegedly grabbed a gun from his bedside table and told the alleged victim to “join the program.” Police say the suspect then raped her on the couch before raping her a second time.

A second alleged victim told police she had been friends with the suspect since 2020, before telling her he had split from his wife.

She told police she went to his home on Jan. 30, where he was “smoking crack and doing cocaine.”

He offered her ecstasy, but she declined and accepted a glass of wine.

“Shortly after drinking the glass of wine, she began to feel very sleepy and began to forget things, which made (the victim) feel like (Bittner) was drugging her by putting something in her drink,” wrote the investigating officer.

“[He]began removing her clothes leaving her naked, but due to her altered condition, which was believed to be the result of taking the drug, she was unable to fight back.”

She told police the suspect snorted cocaine off her chest before allegedly sexually assaulting her.

A third woman, who lives in the same building, told police she met him in the elevator in February and went to his apartment for a drink the next day.

She claims he made her vodka and ginger ale and forced her to take a shot of vodka, after which she woke up on the couch to find him allegedly grabbing her neck and attempting to sexually assault her.

She told police she later found videos on her phone asking the suspect why he drugged her, and he replied that she “wanted to be drugged.”

Police say the suspect told them the first two incidents were “consensual” and that he was just “being nice” to the third alleged victim.

He is being held without bond at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

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