Marvel Snap Decks – The best Nimrod decks for Season Pass owners

Marvel Snap’s latest Season Pass, Days of Future Past, introduces us to a new map: Nimrod. Nimrod is a 5 cost, 5 power card and when it is destroyed it creates copies of itself in the other locations.

Nimrod’s effect can sometimes seem a bit random as the copies go to the other locations, but that one 5-cost card turns into two 5-cost cards to surprise your opponent once it’s destroyed. It can keep multiplying as long as you have the board space available. Although its power isn’t all that great, you can increase its power with other cards, which retroactively increases the number of copies it creates after it’s destroyed. In our best Pool 2 and Pool 3 decks, we covered two different Destroy decks: Devastating Destruction and Destructive Delinquent, respectively. Nimrod is able to push Destroy decks even further with his copy spawn ability.