Marjorie Taylor Greene falsely claimed Biden was responsible for a fentanyl death that occurred under Trump

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has once again publicly made a false statement, this time claiming that brothers who died related to their fentanyl addiction were the fault of Joe Biden’s border policies, even though the men died during the Trump administration.

Ms. Greene told the brothers’ story during a congressional hearing on Feb. 28, blaming Mr. Biden’s border policies for their deaths.

Caleb, 20, and Kyler Kiessling, 18, died on July 29, 2020 when they accidentally overdosed on fentanyl. The brothers, along with 17-year-old Sophia Harris, were taking pills they believed to be Percocet but actually contained fentanyl.

Rebecca Kiessling, the brothers’ mother, testified before Congress and called her death a “murder.” She also criticized politicians for drug dealers crossing the border illegally.

“It shouldn’t be politicized. It’s not about race. Fentanyl doesn’t care about race. You speak of welcoming those who seek our border and seek shelter?” she said, after the Detroit News. “They welcome drug dealers across our border. You give them protection. They are not protecting our children.”

Ms Greene shared video of her response with the mother and used a Twitter post to attack the Biden administration and China.

“Listen to this mother who lost two children to fentanyl poisoning and tell the truth about the murders of her two sons because the Biden administration refused to secure our border and stop the cartels from killing Americans every day.” by Chinese fentanyl,” she said.

CNN journalist Daniel Dale contacted Ms. Greene’s office to comment on the fact that the deaths Ms. Greene attributed to the Biden administration actually took place under former President Donald Trump.

“(Ms. Greene’s) rep Nick Dyer responded by saying a lot of people died from drugs under Biden and ‘do you think they’re worried about your fact-checking cops***?'” he wrote in one Twitter post.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), a member of the US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Accountability, interviews witnesses during the committee hearing about Twitter’s handling of a 2020 New York Post story about Hunter Biden and his laptop on March 8, 2020 February 2023 in Washington, USA. Reuters/Evelyn Hockstein


He then asked the speaker to comment on other comments Ms Greene had made before Congress, including electoral lies that Mr Trump actually won Georgia and that the state counted the votes of thousands dead.

Unable to respond to minimal scrutiny, the announcer replied, “F*** you.”

Ms. Greene regularly makes comments that are proven to be false. She recently tweeted that “6 billion” people crossed the border illegally under the Biden administration. That’s an impossible number as it would make up the majority of the world’s population. She quickly deleted the tweet and changed the number to six million, but even that claim is dubious as the number of successful border crossings is unknown.

She has also expressed a desire for secession and called for a “national divorce” between conservative and liberal states. Ms Greene doubled down on her calls for secession, saying under an ideal system, Democratic voters moving to Republican states should wait five years to vote.

“What I think some red states might be proposing is, okay, if Democratic voters decide to flee these blue states, where they can’t tolerate the living conditions, they don’t want their children being taught these horrible things, and they really change their minds about the kind of policies they support, well if they move to a red state, guess what, maybe you can’t vote for five years,” she said. “You can live there and you can work there, but you can’t bring in your values ​​that you basically created in the blue states you came from by voting for democratic leaders and democratic policies.

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