Leaked images of Halo Infinite confirm campaign AI will be forged soon

Master Chief will soon be able to pull off all sorts of escapades.

Halo Infinite was immediately on everyone’s game of the year list when multiplayer was dropped in the shadows; and it only climbed higher on the list once the campaign ended. However, it was all downhill from there. It started with complaints about the in-game economy and eventually led to a lack of new content, with Forge and Co-Op being constantly delayed.

The latter was eventually discontinued, but Forge mode managed to breathe some life back into the game’s dwindling player base. Now, a second wind for Halo Infinite could be on the horizon as the long-awaited arrival of campaign AI in Forge mode is imminent. That comes over Rebs Gamingwho shared pictures of campaign NPCs spawned in Forge mode.


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This is a big deal because it adds a whole other dimension to Forge. Not only can developers now create custom maps, but they can also use this feature to create single-player experiences where you can fight enemies. Given Forge mode’s already robust creation tools, it will be entirely possible to create your very own campaign. The only thing that will be missing are cutscenes. It’s clear why Halo fans have been excited for this feature.

As of now, given the state of multiplayer, Forge seems to be the only saving grace for Halo Infinite. Regardless of how the rest of the game fares, the mass layoffs at Microsoft, and the departure of Halo Transmedia boss Kiki Wolfkill, it seems like Forge mode still has a roadmap of sorts. Michael Schorr, lead designer of Forge said, “The high-level plan for Forge is still the same. We will be adding new features and quality of life improvements, fixing bugs and responding to player feedback. We’ve already talked about some of the upcoming Forge features (AI spawning, minigame mode, and editing dev maps).”

Recently, however, 343 created a new playlist for Halo Infinite multiplayer consisting entirely of player-made maps. There are currently only four maps in the playlist, but more will be added over time.

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