KV Broadside, RAAL LMG and more


New meta arriving.

Released on March 15th, Warzone 2 Season Two Reloaded brings a ton of new content to the battle royale, as well as the adjustments to existing content that we’ve come to expect. Here we focus on the latter and go through it every weapon buff and nerf in the Warzone 2 Season Two Reloaded Update.

Some of the weapon buffs and nerfs were expected in advance – like the KV Broadside shotgun, which dominated Season 2 thanks to its remarkable melee strength and Dragon’s Breath ammo. Others, like RAAL LMG and RPK, have surprised with the battle royale’s patch notes, promising to seriously shake up the prevailing meta as we get closer to Season 3.

All weapon buffs and nerfs in Season Two Reloaded

Here, courtesy of the official patch notes, are every weapon buff and nerf that came with the March 15 update:

assault rifles

  • STB556
    • Added minimum damage vs armor (limits bullets to kill at farthest range)

Light machine guns

    • Reduced ranged damage
    • Small melee damage increase
    • Reduced headshot damage
    • Reduced upper body damage
    • Increased recoil
  • RPK
    • Reduced walking speed
    • Reduced muzzle velocity
  • Sakin MG38

sniper rifleS

  • crossbow
    • Increased time to trigger double kills for challenges

machine guns

  • MX9
    • Increased average damage range
  • BAS-p
    • Increased sprint-to-fire time
    • Increased damage range
  • PDSW528
    • Slightly offset weapon while ADS uses iron sights to increase visibility
  • Vel 46
    • Increased melee damage range
    • Corrected 30-round magazine attributes to improve handling and mobility
  • Lachmann Sub
    • Reduced movement speed
    • Reduced sight speed when aiming down
    • Improved recoil control
    • LM fog barrel
      • Improved damage range
      • Improved recoil control


  • KV broadside
    • Reduced lower body damage
    • 12 gauge ammo
      • Reduced damage range
      • Reduced melee damage
    • Dragon Breath Ammo
      • Reduced damage range
      • Reduced melee damage
      • Global reduction to 12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath max residual damage
  • Bryson 800 and Bryson 890
    • Increased headshot damage on all slug ammo
    • Added minimum damage vs armor



  • Cringe
    • Reduced recenter speed for flinch
    • Slight increase in flinch on ARs, SMGs, LMGs, and Shotguns


  • hollow point rounds
    • Removed projectile speed penalty
  • Fragile Rounds
    • Changed the heal delay timer to start from the last bullet impact (increases a player’s overall delay).
    • Removed damage range penalty
  • overpressure rounds
    • Removed recoil penalty
    • Increased twitching in players
  • 12 gauge dragon breath
    • Reduced residual damage when burning
  • 12 gauge slugs and HE slugs
    • Added minimum damage vs armor

Underbarrel launcher

  • Removed movement penalty from grenade launchers
  • Added recoil control bonus for underbarrel grenade and shotgun launchers
  • Added an additional ammo pool to grenade launchers


  • Reduced twitch with no stock mods

bipod grips

  • Reduced ADS penalty for the bipod V9 grip
  • CORE BP2 bipod grip:
    • Fixed bug in statistics reporting
    • Added hip recoil control
    • Reduced speed when walking on hips
    • ADS penalty removed
    • Added grip for compatible LMGs and Marksman rifles

Underbarrel grips

  • Reduced ADS penalty on all Under Barrel Grips
  • Reduced movement speed penalty for all vertical grips

muzzle attachmentS

  • crusher
    • Greatly reduced ADS penalty
    • Added hip movement speed buff
  • Flash Hider


  • Reduced ADS penalty on holo-optics
  • Removed movement penalties for holo-optics
  • Reduced ADS and movement penalties from all thermal, hybrid, and variable zoom optics
  • Reduced ADS penalty on shotgun scopes

comb attachments

  • Fixed: Handling stats UI on:
    • Shlager TTF3 risers
    • FSS ammunition case
    • PD-A40 case
    • Wingman crest
    • FSS EL-T pouch

That’s all there is to say all weapon buffs and nerfs in Warzone 2 Season Two Reloaded. The remainder of the season promises to be huge for battle royale players, with a new meta no doubt making an appearance in the coming days and weeks. For everything you need to know, including best SMGs, best ARs, and best sniper rifles, stick to Twinfinite.

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