Incredible minecraft build lets players build a house in one eye

A talented Minecraft player shares some stunning screenshots of the unique place he calls home in Mojang’s hit sandbox game Minecraft.

A creative gamer found a unique way at Mojang Studios to add additional visual appeal to their in-game home. Minecraftby creating their digital abode in a giant eye. The unique player-built homes in Minecraft are a frequent source of incredible construction photos, but this cozy, callus-covered booth is one of the most creative yet.

The best-selling video game of all time and an undeniable cultural phenomenon, Mojang Studios’ Minecraft is one of the biggest names in gaming. Life began as an indie title that carried its life proudly dwarven fortress and LEGO inspirations on his sleeve, Minecraft became a hit with gamers of all ages thanks to its free-form gameplay and the seemingly endless creative possibilities offered by its simple yet powerful building system. A steady stream of patches and critical updates for Minecraft Over the years we’ve added new features and gameplay mechanics to the sandbox title to ensure players always have something new to do or discover in the game’s blocky world.


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A series of stunning screenshots posted to the r/Minecraft subreddit show off one of the most unique locations ever for a home in the game, featuring Reddit user BenityMc’s cozy-looking cabin nestled within a massive eyeball. The incredible screenshots initially obscure the true extent of the one-of-a-kind creation, with the first image appearing to show only an impressively sculpted replica of a person’s eye and eyebrow ridge. It’s only by looking at the screenshots below that players can get a glimpse of the true scale of the creation. While many players are used to collecting spiders’ eyes Minecraft To help them craft, most players would never consider actually living in an eye in the game.

Redditors responding to the post were impressed with the build of the player, and several commenters praised BenityMc for the impressive level of detail in the Minecraft Construction. Redditors seemed particularly impressed with some of the small details featured in the piece, such as the use of white blocks to add a realistic glow to the eye. Others who responded to the post seemed rather excited at the prospect of posting some student-related puns, with one popular comment cheekily noting, “The view must be amazing.” Another user was simultaneously impressed and terrified by the creation and stated that it “looks like something I’d see in a really good horror game”.

Although there’s certainly been no shortage of screenshots of incredible player-made homes Minecraft Players over the years, this wildly unique creation is truly a sight to behold. However, whether building a safe room inside a massive all-seeing eye will be enough to save players from being attacked by an Enderman remains to be seen.

Minecraft is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit

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