How to Watch QTCinderella’s 2023 Streamer Awards: Stream, Time & More

Published: 2023-03-12T00:04:00

updated: 2023-03-12T00:06:05

The Streamer Awards 2023 are live! Here’s everything you need to know about this episode of QTCinderella’s annual celebration.

As content creation has become a viable career for many, a series of awards ceremonies have been created to celebrate their achievements. When it comes to streaming, however, these awards can feel a bit jaded compared to the others.

However, this is where QTCinderella and the Streamer Awards come into play. As the name suggests, this is a streaming-only awards show that shines a spotlight on the best creators across all live streaming platforms.

The 2022 show was a huge success with the likes of Ludwig, Pokimane and iiTzTimmy taking home the grand prizes. And it’s back for 2023.

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When are the Streamer Awards 2023?

The date for this year’s Streamer Awards is March 11th, with a full red carpet show before the trophies are presented.

QT also has another co-host this year, as she got 100 Thieves star Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter to help her out. They will award prizes for 26 categories, including best overall streamer, best VTuber, best event and a rising star.

Each category is made up entirely of nominees suggested by fans and fellow streamers, giving you plenty to say.

How to watch the Streamer Awards 2023

Like last year, you can catch the glitzy event on QT’s Twitch channel as around 300 streamers will fill Los Angeles’ historic Wiltern Theater.

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Other streamers will likely host their own co-streams if they fail, but the focus should be on QT’s channel.

How to nominate streamers for the 2023 Streamer Awards

Nominations are now closed. Fans could nominate their favorite creators by visiting the Streamer Awards page and filling out the nomination fields. These fan-picked nominees were announced on February 18th.

Streamer Awards 2023 categories

The Streamer Awards 2023 categories are as follows:

  • Best Battle Royale Streamer
  • Best MMORPG Streamer
  • Best Valorant Streamer
  • Best League of Legends Streamer
  • Best Soulslike Streamer
  • Best RPG Streamer
  • Best FPS Streamer
  • Best strategy game streamer
  • Best VTuber
  • Best Chess Streamer
  • Best Music Streamer
  • Best Minecraft Streamer
  • Best Art Streamer
  • Best speedrun streamer
  • Best IRL Streamer
  • Hidden Gem Award
  • Best Philanthropic Stream Event
  • Stream game of the year
  • Best Variety Streamer
  • Best Just Chat Streamer
  • Best Streamed Event
  • Best content organization
  • Rising Star Award
  • league for themselves
  • player of the year
  • streamer of the year

How to vote at the Streamer Awards 2023

Voting for the Streamer Awards 2023 is now closed. Fans cast their vote on the Streamer Awards official website using their Google account.

Host of the Streamer Awards 2023

This year, the Streamer Awards will feature a number of high profile broadcasters interviewing and hosting the event.

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Valkyries And QTCinderella will be the main moderators of the evening Hasan, Ludwig, Squeex, And Sweet Anita will allow for red carpet interviews.

Cast of the Streamer Awards 2023

This year, the Streamer Awards will feature an all-star lineup of artists to make the evening special.

The full cast lineup is listed below:

  • Charming Jo
  • Nick Taylor
  • yung sauce

How to enter the Streamer Awards 2023

For those interested in attending the event in person, you can now purchase tickets on Live Nation. They will be available by the event or sold out… whichever comes first.

As more details become available, including which streamers choose to do the final voting, we’ll update this article.

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So keep checking back for more.

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