Hogwarts Legacy Player builds adorable room for Deek in the Room of Requirement

A Hogwarts Legacy player creates an adorable room for Deek in his Room of Requirement, using the furniture unlocked by exploring the Magic School.

A Hogwarts legacy The player has decided to give back to their Room of Requirement house elf Deek by building an adorable room for the mini-character that suits his stature. Deek is first introduced during the Hogwarts legacy campaign when Matilda Weasley takes the player into the Room of Requirement and this fan dedicated part of their player housing to the house-elf.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of him Hogwarts legacy Room of Requirement with a corner made for Deek or a house-elf like him. As players progress through the Hogwarts legacy As you progress through the story and chests throughout the Magic School, you will come across more pieces for your Room of Requirement. This furniture has already prompted some fans to create unique Rooms of Desires, some even branching into the Hogwarts legacy Vivarium extensions to the secret place in the school.


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Reddit user ExtravagantBear received over 300 upvotes on his post highlighting some of his Hogwarts legacy Room of Requirement reserved for Deek. With the smaller furniture options that can be scaled through the Hogwarts legacy UI, ExtravagantBear placed several comfort items showing progress in storyline and overall game percentage. Deek’s small part of ExtravagantBear’s Room of Requirement consists of a small game table with two chairs on a rug, a desk under a painting next to a vanity wall, a couch with two leg rests, a light and a Christmas tree as a centerpiece.

Although ExtravagantBear has made this unique dedication to the Hogwarts legacy‘s character, the house-elf from the Room of Requirement, doesn’t appear to be using it in the screenshot. Deek often wanders around the Room of Requirement, suggesting he goes to that part of the player’s housing, but he can also be found in front of the vivarium or in the little corners between rooms. In response to a comment on their Reddit post, ExtravagantBear also suggested that they plan to alter part of their vivarium to also suit Deek should he ever migrate to the different biomes.

Just like them Hogwarts legacy Furniture shown in ExtravagantBear’s entry has been scaled down for the house elf, it can be scaled up in a similar way to make the environment more suitable for a troll. Because everyone Hogwarts legacy Players are introduced to Deek, any fan of the Avalanche ARPG as advanced as ExtravagantBear could build their own huts for the house elf.

Hogwarts legacy is available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, with PS4 and Xbox One versions coming April 4th and a Switch version coming July 25th.

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