Hogwarts Legacy has no plans for DLC, which seems like a bug

Hogwarts Legacy fans hoping for new, future content for the game may need to amuse themselves for a while with multiple playthroughs involving different houses. According to the game’s developer, Avalanche, DLC isn’t coming anytime soon, if at all:

“We were really desperate to bring (Hogwarts Legacy) to life,” Game Director Alan Tew told IGN Fan Fest, “so there are no plans for DLC at this time.”

Okay, I guess he’s holding back on “at the moment” and “current plans” here, but it doesn’t sound like they’re working on anything right now. But given that this game is set to sell between 10 and 20 million copies this year alone, not releasing DLC ​​for the game at some point certainly seems like a mistake given early projections.

The industry feels like it’s moved at least a little away from DLC compared to what it used to produce. But I’d say the “skip DLC” trend was most amazingly exemplified by GTA 5, which by miles was the best-selling game of all time, but it never released a single $20-40 single-player content pack or expansion, with Focus instead, relentlessly on GTA Online. I think it paid off, but here Hogwarts Legacy has no microtransactions, no live component. So DLC is really the only option, in whatever form.

I’ve heard that some suggestions for DLC have already been circulated among the fans. Everyone is wondering why the game doesn’t have Qudditch, which seems like a pretty obvious thing they might add later. I suspect they just ran out of time to figure out how to make this sport compelling in-game.

I’ve heard people say they could do a Triwizard Tournament expansion where you would represent your school against other rival students from abroad, the basis for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, one of the best books.

It’s also possible that the directive from above is to skip DLC and throw the work that would happen there into a full sequel, Hogwarts Legacy 2. A middle ground idea could be something like Spider-Man Miles Morales, a new game that uses the same open world as the first, with some additions and many other changes.

I suspect we’ll probably see real DLC for Hogwarts Legacy one day. Once the sales start and WB Games realizes they would Really Like some bonus editions that come with these purchases, I’m guessing that some sort of content will end up being made and sold before we get a full sequel. But we can wait a while for news on that front.

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