Greta Thunberg taken away by police during a protest against wind turbines

Greta Thunberg was taken away by police in Norway on Wednesday during a protest against a wind turbine project in the north of the country.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was removed from an entrance to Norway’s Treasury Ministry on Wednesday as she took part in a protest against the construction of Europe’s largest wind farm project.

Though Thunberg often sides with green agenda activists, this time he has chosen to oppose the construction of the massive wind farm in Norway’s northern region, fearing it will disrupt the way of life of the Sami, an ethnic minority living there , could affect Europe’s arctic regions.

Norway’s Supreme Court ruled back in 2021 that the construction of the project does in fact violate the rights of the Sami people, although this does not seem to have stopped further construction of the wind farm.

According to a report by POLITICSActivists have now started blocking various entrances to Norwegian government offices, with protests reportedly starting outside the country’s Energy Ministry last week before spreading to others in Oslo on Tuesday.

The country’s police have now stepped in to intervene in the protests, dragging protesters away from the entrances to the Treasury Department before dropping them off elsewhere.

One of those removed during the police operation was Thunberg, who is described as being removed twice from government department entrances.

According to police in Oslo, a total of 10 people, including the Swedish activist, were removed from at least one Treasury Department entrance, although none of them are said to have been arrested by the force.

Participation in the demonstrations is relatively unusual for Greta Thunberg, as the arch-green agenda champion has been a more frequent participant in protests urging more wind turbines to be built — along with other renewable energy sources — not halting construction.

Unusual or not, however, the demonstrations appear to be having an impact on political life in Norway, as the country’s Oil and Energy Minister Terje Aasland announced on Wednesday that he was canceling an upcoming trip to the UK in what appeared to be a response to the protests .

According to an Associated Press report, Aasland’s office said the trip was canceled after the minister decided to “re-prioritize” his calendar and another government official would now travel to the UK in his place.

How effective Aasland’s presence in the country will be remains to be seen, however, as a meeting with some of the protesters on Tuesday only seemed to stoke tensions after the minister insisted his government would make a “new decision” on the wind farm, however, refused to give specific details.

“(Our) will to fight only grows after Terje Aasland’s visit with the same empty words as always,” activists are said to have said in a statement after their conversation with Aasland.

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