Grand Theft Auto Trilogy is now available on the Epic Games Store, currently at a reduced price

Not long after its release on Steam, the controversial Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy set is now available from Epic Games at a currently discounted price.

If you still want to see what all the fuss is about, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is available to download now on the Epic Games Store, which is currently listing the release at a reduced price. Gone as one of the best games of the PlayStation 2 era, GTA3, Vice CityAnd san andreas are popular entries in Rockstar’s long-running series, taking things to new heights in the open-world genre. It’s just a shame that the remasters from a few years ago didn’t go over so well.


As controversial as this “Definitive Edition” was, Rockstar and developer Grove Street Games tried to undo some of the damage done and worked to make all three games much better. With the Grand Theft Auto trilogy Now available on Steam and even Steam Deck Verified, there are at least additional ways to play this modern take on these classics.

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For anyone using Epic Games, that’s not all Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Available in store but also at a reduced price for the time being. This sale is listed at 50% off and ends February 23rd, leaving little time to act for those wanting to get it for less. Given that Grove Street has been working diligently to fix the most egregious issues with each of the games, it’s possible this version is in a much better shape. However, time will tell as more fans see fit to download it while it is currently getting cheap.

Image from the GTA trilogy showing the three protagonists from each game.

For those not up to date, the GTA trilogy is a remaster of the popular early 2000s Grand Theft Auto Games aimed to bring these classics into the modern age with improved graphics and lighting. Unfortunately, the initial release was plagued with a long list of glitches that caused an outcry in the community. It was considered by many to be one of the worst games of 2021. While the developer has made strides in fixing major bugs, fans are understandably still reluctant to buy the remaster.

With Grand theft auto 6 Still in development but no word on when it will be out, players have long been waiting for a sequel to the hugely successful fifth entry. Now that the trilogy is on Epic Games, maybe more people will be willing to give the remaster a shot.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Epic Games Store

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