Gig Economy Startup Raises $35M in Balderton-led Round

  • Paris-based Brigad has received a $35 million Series B round from Balderton Capital.
  • The startup connects freelancers in the hospitality industry with companies that have open shift work positions.
  • Check out the deck of 20 slides that raised the fresh funds.

A startup that connects hospitality workers with companies that offer freelance work has just received $35 million in Series B funding from Balderton Capital.

Paris-based Brigad, founded in 2016, aims to give hospitality and healthcare workers more freedom at work so they can “be their own boss,” said co-founder and CEO Florent Malbranche.

Brigad’s platform offers roles for bartenders, chefs and waiters, and nurses. Businesses sign up to the platform and provide their requirements for the Gig role; This offer is then validated and sent to all eligible users within the specified geographic region who meet these criteria. The first person to accept the offer gets the role, and since no negotiations are required, the process is instant, Malbranche added.

“We started the project back in 2016 and the labor market drove the passionate people out of their jobs because of the working conditions,” Malbranche said. The startup’s goal is to “make work attractive and accessible to all” so that workers can continue to spend time with their families and other interests while they advance professionally.

When Brigad started, it was “really focused on small businesses,” but “recognized that big corporations have the same problems,” Malbranche said. “It’s important to give workers the choice to work in different places.”

Brigad offers workers the opportunity to gain experience in a range of companies – from independent restaurants to chain companies – so they can diversify their skills. Currently, the startup is used by high-end brands like Ritz, Nobu, and Sketch, as well as smaller cafes and restaurants. It makes its money with a 21% take rate excluding VAT.

While the pandemic caused a shift in the work landscape as more workers sought autonomy and flexibility in their work, Malbranche noted that the startup saw its greatest growth in 2022. This was also a factor that helped the founders complete the Series B round. amid a tighter funding environment this year.

The round was led by London-based venture capital firm Balderton, which previously backed cybersecurity firm Darktrace and autonomous driving startup Wayve, among others, with participation from Wendel Group, Serena Capital and Square Capital. This brings the startup’s total funding to $54 million.

With the fresh funds, Brigad will focus on expanding its business in France and the UK, as well as further developing its product. It will also consider broader avenues for geographic expansion and prepare for the launch of new countries.

Check out the deck of 20 slides that raised the fresh funds.

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