George Santos and Marjorie Taylor Greene team up for legislation to ban books on LGBTQ issues in schools

George Santos and Marjorie Taylor Greene are among the co-proponents of a new bill that claims to “end the sexualization of children in schools”. Language watchers fear it could be a cover for a book ban on stories featuring LGTBQ+ characters.

“The battlefield for the future of our society is being fought in the classrooms of American schools,” said Representative Cory Mills, a Florida Republican. wrote on Twitter Measure HR 863 was introduced earlier this month. “This law targets left-wing efforts to sexualize children in schools across the United States.”

The law, the full text of which is not available online in Congressional documents, will “prohibit a publisher from knowingly supplying sexually explicit material to a school or educational agency” and “prohibit federal funding from being provided to a school that receives an educational agency.” , which disseminates sexually explicit material, and for other purposes,” reads a summary.

The Independent has reached out to Mr Mills, Ms Greene and Mr Santos for comment.

Mr. Santos’ affiliation with the bill may surprise some, considering he is one of only 11 outwardly LGTBQ+ people to serve in the House of Representatives.

However, he has previously criticized the societal acceptance of LGTBQ+ people.

“The unity of the family has been under attack for decades, decades!” he said on a Conservative interview show earlier this year. “In different ways, right? The flavor of the decade is same-sex couples. ‘Oh, that’s so fine!’ Look, to each their own, I don’t mind, but they teach kids in school that you don’t need a mom and a dad, you can have two moms, you can have two dads. I think that’s a bit much for kids, isn’t it?”

For her part, Ms Greene has long denied the existence of LGBTQ+ identities and has criticized attempts to codify civil rights protections for LGBTQ+ people through the Equality Act.

As The Independent reported, Republican leaders across the country have enacted legislation restricting or banning access to books with LGBTQ+ themes and characters, as well as shutting down major classes on sexuality and gender identity, particularly in Florida.

“What we’re seeing in Florida is the enduring influence of a state government that has prioritized ideological control over student learning,” said Jonathan Friedman, director of free speech and education at PEN America The Independent.

In all, according to PEN America, there are 27 bills in 14 states that reflect Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law.

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