Fortnite players are not satisfied with new “barely noticeable” witcher cosmetics

You should get the new skin automatically if you can spot the differences between it and the old one.

Fortnite Chapter Four Season 1 kicked off with a trailer confirming a handful of new crossover characters to join the battle royale game’s already massive roster. Including Doom Slayer, MrBeast and Geralt of Rivia. Geralt’s quests and cosmetics have been saved for later in the season, and now they can all be unlocked. Players were disappointed with the incredibly subtle differences between the two Witcher skins.

As pointed out by GamesRadar, the first Witcher skin you can unlock is simply called Geralt of Rivia. Another pretty impressive effort by Epic to adapt a character from a completely different playstyle to fit their Fortnite aesthetic. The second page of Sorcerer Rewards can now be unlocked, part of which is an alternate Viper School Geralt skin. However, you have to look very closely to notice the differences.


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You can check out the OG Witcher skin below, and then check out the Viper School alternative a little further down this article. If you scroll back and forth quickly and several times, you might find that they are different. The newer skin is a slightly different color, but as some of you have pointed out on Reddit, even calling it Recolor is an exaggeration since the two are almost identical.

Geralt the Witcher in Fortnite
via Epic Games

Others have wondered why Epic couldn’t have pulled armor other than The Witcher 3 given the variety of looks Geralt has in the game. Some would even have been happy if Geralt’s Netflix show armor had been used as an alternative. Effectively, anything The Witcher has ever worn other than the armor above would have been a more prominent upgrade.

Witcher's Geralt Viper School Skin in Fortnite
via Epic Games

Yes, there are differences, but the point of a Fortnite skin is to show it off. Chances are someone who shoots you down in the heat of a BR battle won’t stop and will notice that you’re wearing the slightly different Geralt skin that takes more work to unlock. Maybe stick with the Geralt base skin, or get the Sam Wilson Captain America that was added earlier this month as part of Fortnite’s recent Marvel crossover.

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