Fake Birkin IUD resale scandal ignites TikTok controversy

  • A Hermès whistleblower account has accused a prominent TikToker of attempting to resell fake Birkins.
  • TikToker BirkinTrash was forced into a confession this week as he toasted his “first rejection.”
  • Consignment brand Fashionpile told Insiders that it is ending its relationship with BirkinTrash amid the scandal.

Much of TikTok is currently being consumed by a controversy surrounding Birkin handbags — arguably the world’s most expensive purses, sold by French luxury house Hermès, which can be bought by appointment rather than at will.

The bags start at $9,000 when bought in-store, per Sotheby’s, but are valued at multiples of that number on the used market — with rarer configurations in exotic animal skins reselling for up to six-figures.

The drama began when Birkin’s Instagram whistleblower account, The Fake Birkin Slayer, accused celebrity TikToker @BirkinTrash of attempting to resell several fake Birkin bags earlier this week. @BirkinTrash, aka Alex Pardoe, a man who has amassed 212,000 followers on TikTok largely due to his obsession with Hermès, has since made a public confession.

In a TikTok he posted Monday, Pardoe claimed he’d come across fake Birkins in the decade he’d been collecting them and tried to get rid of the scammers. He added that he removed those questionable posts.

Still, the allegations and admissions have sent a corner of TikTok obsessed with tracking the contents of Hermès handbags into a tailspin this week. Many are shocked and continue to look sideways at the creator, despite his confession. A major consignment brand told Insiders that it ended its partnership with Pardoe “after learning of his statement about selling counterfeit bags.”

The Fake Birkin Slayer, who amassed 23,000 followers in one week, told Insider it was important to him to publicize the behavior on social media as it was illegal. His Instagram bio provides further context that the fake designer industry also has disturbing ties to organized crime and child labor.

“Fake funds a lot of dark things,” an account owner who asked to remain anonymous said via Instagram DM. They added that the site was founded by a group who “were all scammed into buying bags presented as real.” .

The popular Birkin TikToker at the center of the scandal

In a series of Instagram Stories shared Monday, The Fake Birkin Slayer posted screenshots of multiple Birkin sale listings allegedly being offered by Pardoe on mobile marketplace OfferUp. The deals included a $1,000 red ostrich Birkin and a $5,000 black crocodile leather bag, which The Fake Birkin Slayer referenced with bags Pardoe had featured in his closet in a previous TikTok.

Pardoe, who is also a hairdresser by trade, regularly unpacks Hermès purchases and has been interviewed in the press as a Birkin connoisseur.

According to The Fake Birkin Slayer, Pardoe implied in his listings that he was selling fakes, but even trying to sell them is a huge taboo in the high-end designer world.

“Selling fakes is illegal,” The Fake Birkin Slayer told Insider. “Especially when you’ve created a persona that’s quoted in magazines and allegedly sponsored by organizations like Fashionphile.”

Pardoe responded to The Fake Birkin Slayer’s allegations shortly thereafter, confirming that he had offered fake Birkins for sale in the past, but then removed the listings a day later and donated them after feeling “strange”.

“In the 10 years that I’ve been collecting Hermès pieces – mostly preloved until a few years ago – I’ve been sold non-authentic pieces. And that was my fault,” he said in his TikTok confession, which has 261,000 views. “I failed to do my due diligence.”

Pardoe said that when he’s received counterfeit bags in the past, he’s tried to “get rid of them,” although he disagrees with the practice and its associations with “forced labour.” He then claimed he had donated all his fakes.

Pardoe didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Birkin fans on TikTok are undecided on whether to “cancel” the creator

While some TikTokers condemned Pardoe for its lack of integrity, and TikToker @verifiedbluecheckmarc noted that the screenshots seemed to indicate the listings had been going for two months, others seemed puzzled by the saga’s stupidity.

“People get fired over handbags,” wrote one commenter. “I’m so done.”

As the drama unfolded publicly, major consignment brand Fashionpile removed all current content featuring Pardoe from their site. A company representative told Insider that it is ending its partnership with it because Fashionpile is built on “trust” and “authenticity.”

“As a luxury resale company built on consumer trust, authentication is the foundation of Fashionpile’s business,” the company said in a statement Thursday. :We recently teamed up with Alex Pardoe, but have since removed the content after becoming aware of his statement regarding selling counterfeit bags on OfferUp. We would never knowingly engage in partnerships that compromise our values ​​or question our integrity.”

But Pardoe seems to be taking the controversy calmly. “Okay, yeah,” he said, holding a cocktail with some friends in a swimming pool in his latest TikTok post. “Cheers to my first rejection.”

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