Everything we know about The Flash: release date, plot, trailer and more

Though plans for a film starring The Flash dated back to the early 2000s, it wasn’t until the now-defunct DCEU – following Man of Steel (2013) – that Warner Bros. and DC Films put the real plans in motion for the speedster’s first big-screen solo adventure. It’s been a long road full of obstacles, but Barry Allen is almost touching the finish line now, and here’s everything we know about The Flash.

We should start by addressing the elephant in the room: the DCEU is on its way out after WB executives failed to chart a course for the cinematic universe. While comic book fans and the general public were able to enjoy a handful of pretty good flicks from this endeavor, the crossover aspect of it all failed terribly, although some might argue that Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League – a huge drama in its own right – has shown something Promise, but it finally came too late. After a few years of mostly disjointed DC movies, The Flash’s journey into reality in this film is key to rebooting the main continuity.

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