Disney Dreamlight Valley unveils patch notes for the Festival of Friendship update

Gameloft’s Disney Dreamlight Valley unveils the full patch notes detailing the upcoming Festival of Friendship update.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has revealed the full patch notes for the upcoming Festival of Friendship. The update, which will be released on February 16, 2023, will not only include some quality of life changes and bug fixes, but also new content and features for Disney Dreamlight Valley player to enjoy.

Since the game is still in Early Access, bugs are constantly present as the Gameloft team regularly provides improvements and adjustments to give players the best experience. Since the development team previously laid out the Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 roadmap, fans already have a glimpse of what to expect in the coming months. The title has so much potential that if the developer can dig deep into Disney properties, the possibilities are almost endless. Now the latest details for the upcoming update have been announced, discussing many surprising additions.


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As announced by Disney Dreamlight ValleyThe full patch notes for the Festival of Friendship have been unveiled on the website. As already indicated, Frozen‘s Olaf will join the game Encantois Mirabel. There will also be a new Star Path to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary. The Premium Shop is also now open as players can collect exclusive items in the shop. The main story also continues with “The Forgetting”. While these are the biggest additions to the game, there’s actually a lot more on the list that will surprise fans.

Olaf_Disney Dreamlight Valley

Familiar characters, locations, and stories are always welcome additions to a title like this. just recently, Disney Dreamlight Valley announced that Lion King Locations and characters will be coming to the game in April via the latest Nintendo Direct. The inclusion of Olaf and Mirabel in the game about the celebration of friendship will please fans of Frozen And Encantobut it will also make the title more interesting for casual gamers by taking it from the Disney library.

2023 is likely to be the year Disney Dreamlight Valley really stands out, it is important for Gameloft to remove all possible hurdles and bugs that the game has. In the process, the game will become more palatable even for non-fans through continuous improvement and introduction of multiple quality-of-life-enhancing features. The free-to-play model is interesting in itself. However, in order to maintain the player base, Disney Dreamlight Valley must dig deep and use many of its resources to reach similar heights animal crossing. Hopefully the Friendship Festival will be a sign of good things to come in future updates.

New content and features:

  • The main story of The Forgetting continues: A blizzard is brewing in Frosted Heights!
  • New Character: Say hello to Olaf, the snowman who lives in the valley, with a warm hug.
  • New Character: As Disney celebrates the wonder of Encanto around the world, Mirabel jumps at the opportunity to join the valley and brings her mini-casita with her.
  • Celebrate Disney’s 100th Anniversary with a very special new Starpath inspired by real Disney100 items.
  • Take your Reno outside and change the look of your fully upgraded house with newly added house colors or purchase premium house skins from the premium shop.
  • The Premium Shop opens! Use moonstones to collect all kinds of exclusive rotating cosmetic items like clothing, furniture, premium house skins, and more. The Premium Shop content is separate from Scrooge McDuck’s General Store (which will also be adding content periodically). Be sure to check the Premium Shop regularly to discover the latest items to help you express yourself and build your village the way you dream it.
  • With the arrival of the Premium Shop, we’ve adjusted Daily Moonstone Chests to increase the number of Moonstones they grant each day. They now grant 50 moonstones (from 10).
  • Scrooge McDuck General Store has received a shipment of new goods! Have you burned a hole in your pocket with Star Coins from your last Pumpkin Puff haul? Keep an eye out for new clothes and furniture in his stash.
  • We have seen some of your storage rooms and are both impressed and scared. Chests crafted at crafting stations now come in three different variants that offer larger storage capacities.
  • While we appreciate the creative way you’ve organized your chest stashes, we’ve added something to help. Craft customizable signposts to remind you what’s in a specific chest or mark your favorite fishing spot.
  • Fridges now… fridge (well, minus the refrigeration). Furniture classified as storage – like fridges and closets – now acts as basic chest storage.
  • To top off the Warehouse Palooza, we’ve added quality of life features that allow you to automatically sort your items and use Smart Transfer to quickly transfer items between your inventory and warehouse.
  • Bring House Reno back in! You can now change the appearance of doors in your house based on the ones you collect and customize their placement.
  • We’ve improved wallpaper management to bring more variety into your home. Now you can customize wallpaper wall by wall instead of choosing one style for the whole room.
  • Create new role training manuals to change your villagers’ roles. Whether you’re maximizing your gardening potential or gifting Goofy a new hobby, you don’t need to feel tied to your past choices.
  • The valley is more talkative… Don’t worry, we didn’t add to Donald’s tantrums. All characters have won additional daily discussion topics.


  • Kristoff’s vending booth has been slightly redesigned. In previous updates, we’ve made some changes to its booth, aiming to find a balance between making the store more interesting and enticing (e.g. adding iron ingots) and making sure collecting rare materials doesn’t become trivial ( e.g. adding a daily limit). We’ve listened to your feedback — particularly on the transition to charcoal — and we’ve continued to iterate. That’s why we’ve tweaked the settings a bit and brought back something you loved. The daily buy limit for coal has been removed and we’ve increased the buy limit for everything else at the booth (from 3-5 to 10-20).
  • Miracle Growth Elixir, Miracle Pickaxe Polish, Miracle Shovel Varnish, Miracle Fishing Bait (and their even more miraculous alternatives) have become more efficient and the resources required to craft them have been reduced.
  • Various optimizations including performance and stability improvements across all platforms.
  • The New Game button has been moved to the Settings menu and is now called Reset Game.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to navigate through the menu while cooking.
  • Quest “Remember the Old Days”: Players should no longer encounter issues when taking the photo required to progress in this quest.
  • Stitch’s Hobby Quest: The TV in this quest should no longer be a progress blocker or disappear from the player’s inventory.
  • Trash Removal Quests: Cleaning up piles of trash in Goofy’s and Merlin’s houses should now result in successful progression in these quests.
  • Quest “A Deal with Ursula”: Upon further investigation of this quest, issues with placing the crystals on the pedestals should be resolved.
  • The Final Trial Quest: Players should now be able to pick up the falling water to progress in this quest.
  • How Far Will You Go Quest: The game should no longer crash when starting a conversation with Moana to give her a fish.
  • Magic Moments Quest: Reduced sushi quest requirements to resolve an issue some players were encountering.
  • What Home Feels Like Quest: A new fix has been deployed to address the pesky Glittering Herring bug. We’ll be closely monitoring this issue alongside the release of the update, as we know this quest has been tingling for some players.
  • Quest “The Definition of a Hero”: Crafting the Asphalt Arch and Balloon Arch should now advance the quest as intended.
  • With Great Power Quest: The crystal key should no longer disappear or be duplicated for players progressing through this quest.
  • The Ceremony Quest: Players should now be able to take the final photo without getting stuck on the photo screen.
  • Quest “A Call as a Space Ranger”: Buzz Lightyear and Ursula should now talk to each other and trigger the next step of the quest.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players’ games to freeze when leveling up either the avatar or the villager, especially after talking to them.
  • Fixed an issue where villager houses disappeared and could not be restored.
  • The crafting menu should now work more reliably as an issue that caused movement to be disabled after selecting an item and switching tabs has been fixed.
  • Improved spawning of ground-based materials in certain biomes.
  • The mailbox no longer shows duplicates of received emails.
  • You can now buy those pesky candles from the Scrooge McDuck General Store!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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