Destiny 2: Lightfall update fixes the invisible Guardian bug and reduces Commendations for Guardian ranks

A new patch for Destiny 2 has gone live, fixing a number of issues that have surfaced since the launch of the Lightfall expansion. One of the big changes in this update is an adjustment to the Guardian Ranks system, as Bungie has reduced the required Commendation score required to climb the ranks according to its patch notes.

The number of Commendation points required has been criticized by the Destiny 2 community for being too high, and Bungie previously mentioned that this would lower the requirements to complete objectives across all Guardian ranks. Players can no longer offer commendations to others after a failed mission activity. So if you spawned into the well with a Fireteam and wiped out your squad with self-inflicted rocket launcher attacks, you won’t be able to farm Commendations any longer.