ChatGPT Creates New Sudoku-Inspired Game “Sumple”

  • A self-proclaimed “puzzler” prompted ChatGPT to create a unique game tailored for Sudoku fans.
  • The popular AI chatbot created “Sumplete,” a game its human creator dubbed “reverse Sudoku.”
  • Since the game launched last week, it has already attracted thousands of players.

ChatGPT has developed its own game.

Daniel Tait, a 28-year-old software developer from Dundee, Scotland, and self-proclaimed “puzzler”, recently prompted ChatGPT to create a unique game tailored for Sudoku fans. The AI ​​chatbot then created “Sumplete,” which Tait described as “reverse Sudoku.” We first found out about the game through Gizmodo.

After ChatGPT spat out a list of five games he was already familiar with, Tait challenged ChatGPT to create a puzzle game from scratch.

“I was amazed at every step when I asked if it could do a puzzle,” Tait told Insider. “An idea came up immediately.”

Tait, who has been experimenting with the chatbot since its launch in November, had become accustomed to the chatbot’s limitations — he often encountered messages stating that the chatbot couldn’t perform certain tasks. But this time ChatGPT delivered. Within 45 seconds, the chatbot created iterations of the game, which became Sumplete after additional toggle and design prompts.

Tait described the game as “reverse Sudoku”: instead of adding numbers to a grid, the player crosses out numbers from a filled-in grid to add columns and rows.

Since he publicly unveiled the game on March 3, Tait says 50,000 people have played Sumplete. As of Tait speaking to Insider, 2,500 people are currently playing the game, he said.

To Tait’s knowledge, there is no other existing iteration of this “reverse Sudoku” game. According to the chatbot, Magic Square is an existing game most similar to Sumplete, a game in which the player is given a square grid of numbers and is tasked with arranging them so that every row, column, and diagonal has the same total.

Sumplete, a Sudoku inspired game developed by ChatGPT

Sumplete, a Sudoku inspired game developed by ChatGPT

Daniel Tait / Sumplete

Tait, who said he comes from a “puzzler” family, has previously designed games, including a math equation version of Wordle called Mathler, which he launched in February 2022. After sharing it on Reddit, the game drew over 10,000 players a day, Tait said.

Even without his background in software development and game design, Tait said the Sumplete game is an “amazing” example of how anyone can leverage the AI ​​platforms.

Tait said he plans to keep the game fully coded by ChatGPT “to see what it’s capable of” and has received emails with feedback from some users. He said he plans to add this feedback to ChatGPT this weekend to see how it improves the game.

Since ChatGPT’s launch in November, people have been turning to it for practical and creative reasons to test its limits, from writing a new “M*A*S*H” TV scene to poetry. Just two months after its launch, the chatbot developed by OpenAI reached an estimated 100 million monthly active users in January, the fastest-growing consumer application in history, Reuters reported.

Now you can add creating puzzles to the list of possibilities of ChatGPT.

As for what the development of this game might mean for the future of ChatGPT, Tait said his experiment in designing Sumplete with ChatGPT made him wonder about the capacities for development with AI. “Could a Playstation-style game be developed from ChatGPT in the coming year?” he asked himself.

“I’m still trying to figure this out,” Tait said. “Definitely AI will change a lot of things. The fact that she created a jigsaw puzzle from scratch is another step in a crazy direction.”

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