A male rapist can be a “you”.

The new york times’ Editors let a convicted double rapist adopt a female “transgender” identity despite their vocal support of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment.

The February 15 concession to the genetically intact male rapist – who sports large tattoos on his face – was buried in an article about the resignation of Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

She resigned in part because many Scots strongly opposed her vigorous support for a “self-identification” law that would allow men to freely appropriate female identities simply by declaring that they are “transgender” identities have. The New Yorker newspaper’s announcement of Sturgeon’s sudden resignation stated:

For Ms. Sturgeon, transgender legislation is part of her stated commitment to protecting minority groups.

The debate was ignited by the case of Isla Bryson, who was convicted of raping two women prior to her gender reassignment surgery. She was initially taken to a women’s prison, prompting an outcry about the safety of other female inmates. Ms Sturgeon later announced that Ms Bryson had been transferred to a men’s prison.

Despite bitter opposition, Sturgeon has pushed the Self-ID bill through the Scottish Parliament. But the law was quickly blocked by the London government. Sturgeon then announced that she would be filing legal action against the block.

The rapist’s name was Adam Graham when he was arrested. During the trial, he changed his name to “Isla Bryson” and declared himself female.

Although Sturgeon’s law was blocked, his declaration of a female “self-identification” prompted officials to let him serve his sentence in a women’s prison alongside women – many of whom had been subjected to male sexual abuse prior to their incarceration.

Bryson’s statement also prompted most of the UK media to refer to Bryson as “she”.

Breitbart’s UK office reported on January 26:

This week, Isla Bryson, 31, was found guilty of two counts of rape in 2016 and 2019, using the name Adam Graham. Although Bryson initially appeared in court as a man in July 2019, early in the trial the convicted rapist claimed to be a transgender woman and reported that he was taking body-altering hormones and was seeking sex reassignment surgery.

In 2017 the New York Times started the #MeToo movement against male sexual harassment of women. But the New York Times has accepted Bryson’s claim in part because the newspaper’s editors have also accepted transgender ideology.

This ideology asserts that the government must treat people’s self-declared “gender” as legally and morally more important than the nature of their male or female body.

The newspaper has printed several thorough articles challenging this claim. But pro-transgender staff and contributors have been vocal in opposing any walkbacks in the face of mounting evidence of harm and incoherence in transgender ideology. For example, on the day of Sturgeon’s resignation, Buzzfeed News reported:

A group of more than 170 trans, non-binary, and cisgender contributors to the New York Times published an open letter on Wednesday, he condemned the newspaper’s coverage of trans issues — particularly its coverage of trans youth and gender-sensitive health care.

In the UK, Bryson’s transfer to a women’s prison provoked much protest.

“It is almost impossible to believe that in a civilized society a man convicted of raping two women can be put in a women’s prison,” said Conservative MP Miriam Cates.

“We now have the totally perverse situation where a Scottish court refers to someone who says he identifies as female (as) by using ‘her penis’ to rape two vulnerable women,” said Russell Findlay, a member of the Scottish Parliament who serves as the Conservative Party’s ministerial candidate for local security. “We have warned that this will be inevitable if (Sturgeon’s) Gender Self-Identification Act is passed,” he added.

“Rapists shouldn’t be in women’s prisons,” columnist Gina Davidson wrote on January 26:

Of course, not all trans women are violent or pose any kind of risk to women. Of course not. Just like #notallmen.

But this one does. Despite the hormones, the wig, the nails, it’s the same body, the same penis that Bryson used to rape with, and has been locked up in Cornton Vale for two days, albeit apart from other prisoners.

Sturgeon bowed to public pressure on January 26 and had Bryson – née Adam Graham – transferred to a men’s prison:

But when Sturgeon decided to send the man posing as a woman to a men’s prison, she faced the question of whether other “trans women” should be recognized as men or women:

Sturgeon tried to split the issue by labeling Bryson a rapist regardless of legal gender. “She considers herself a woman … I consider the person a rapist,” Sturgeon said.

In the United States, Breitbart has closely followed the tremendous civil society damage caused by Democrat support for the transgender claim.

Numerous polls show that the public appreciates Democrats’ support for “self-identification” and the underlying claim that every person — or child — has a “gender identity” that has nothing to do with a person’s male or female biology. decidedly refuses. President Joe Biden has repeatedly stated his support for the transgender claim — despite the biology and the polls — but has met very little opposition from the government New York Times and other mainstream media.

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