A die-hard fan of the 46-year-old RPG explains why it’s so important to Starfield, and I’m hooked

According to Todd Howard, Starfield was partially inspired by a ’70s tabletop RPG called Traveler, and fans of Bethesda and classic pen-and-paper games have finally started to explore what that means for the upcoming game.

Last October, a brief official Q&A with Creative Director Todd Howard broke down some of Starfield’s biggest influences. Howard went very old-fashioned, citing a 1984 Apple II game called SunDog: Frozen Legacy and Traveler, a sci-fi tabletop role-playing game originally released in 1977 with the rise in popularity of early Dungeons & Dragons. There have been many editions of Traveler since then, but Howard said he was inspired by the original to program an adaptation that, sadly, was never completed.

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