11 reasons why you should try a nude vacation this summer

In case you haven’t heard, the week after Independence Day is Nude Recreation Week – also known as National Nude Week. From July 10-16, 2023, thousands across the US will use this pretext to strip naked, go to a nudist beach, check into a nudist resort, jump in a hot tub, or just hang out in the backyard naked. But why wait until July?

Naturism, also known as nudism, is about enjoying life without the burden of clothing—when that makes sense. Have you ever seen a 2 year old walking around after being freed of his diaper? They always have big grins on their faces as they enjoy their new found freedom. This is roughly how it feels when you step outside into the warmth completely undressed for the first time. And no matter how many times you’ve relaxed naked, the exhilaration and sense of freedom that comes with stripping your clothes off never seems to wear off.

Millions of people worldwide have discovered the joy of spending time naked, from Australia to Northern Europe and, yes, even here in the US Naturism has traditionally been a family activity – go to Europe and you’ll see three generations of families enjoying life Enjoy the beach with not a single piece of clothing in between. Grandma, daughter and grandchild will all be equally undressed. You might think naturism was a domain of the old hippie boomers (and to some extent it was), but they’re far from alone.

Enjoying life in nature, whether it’s an extended 3-week vacation or a quick day trip to the beach, isn’t restricted by age group, demographic or gender, and in naturist circles you’ll find older couples (“We’re in the age when we don’t care what we look like”), younger couples, groups of friends, families with children, single men and women, gays, lesbians, whites, blacks, tall and short, tattooed and pierced, people with disabilities, others with foot-length scars and any other combination you can think of.

So what is a nude vacation and why should you experience one? Simply put, a nude vacation (or “nakation” as it’s cutely called) is a vacation where you can do all the things you normally enjoy on vacation, but without clothes. Nudity is the norm. It can be as simple as a clothing-optional beach vacation, or a rental where you can sunbathe or splash in a hot tub without the need for a bathing suit.

On a recent nude cruise, we found that over 75 percent of the passengers were repeat guests — an incredible response rate considering the average cruise response rate is closer to 30 percent. So why do people return year after year for nude vacations, and why should you consider joining them? Here are 11 good reasons.

The writer in hot springs

Lounging in a hot spring in Colorado

Copyright: Chris Moore

1. It’s liberating

Vacation is a time of relaxation. Being naked is the most liberating feeling in the world. When you remove your clothes, you feel free – not only from tight, constricted clothing, but also from the baggage that comes with it. No more worrying about how you look – “Does this go together?” “Do I look big in this?” and no more constantly adjusting bra straps or swim shorts. It’s just so much easier and allows you to relax on a whole new level.

2. You will lose your inhibitions

When you lose your clothes, you lose your inhibitions – it makes you freer. It doesn’t mean that you behave inappropriately or do things that you wouldn’t do if you weren’t; it’s just easier to sit back and de-stress. Many find their worries lag behind with their clothing.


A no clothes allowed sign in Italy

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3. Experience less judgment

Being naked among others is a great social balance. It’s hard to judge or label someone when they’re naked. Suddenly you realize that your prejudices have also fallen by the wayside when it comes to your clothes.

Some will know the naturist lifestyle from birth; others will have stumbled upon a clothing-optional beach and been tempted to give it a try. One age group that is sometimes less common is the early teens – both of our sons loved to be naked until they hit puberty. At this point, they were happily sitting by the pool with their friends (male and female) chatting, all with a towel wrapped around their waists, but as soon as they went for a swim, they all dropped their towels and splashed in the water. As soon as they got out of the pool, the towels went around their waists again. Imagine that.

So if naturists aren’t just retired boomers or old hippies with confused minds, then who are they? They are they. Naturists come from all walks of life — but here’s the thing: If everyone’s naked, you can’t tell if someone’s a multimillionaire CEO or earning minimum wage and just finished the night shift. They can’t tell if they have a PhD, just had a long brain surgery, delivered their last sermon for the day, or are relaxing before stocking up on an Amazon warehouse. What they have in common is that they have discovered the freedom of nude recreation and enjoy vacations where they can literally unwind.

4. Gain body confidence

Surrounded by others of all colors, shapes, sizes, scars, and disfigurements, you realize that nobody has the perfect body (whatever that is), and guess what? You stop caring about your own body or caring about someone else’s. I remember a very tall woman in Greece going to the swimming pool. Instead of gently climbing into the pool, she jumped in. To this day I can vividly remember her in midair, big breasts like Dumbo’s ears flying after her. It was an amusing sight and one that stuck in my memory because she was so comfortable in her own body. Naturism will do that to you.

5. Accept others for who they are

It’s so much easier to accept others for who they really are when you’re stripped of external paraphernalia and you’ve left your preconceptions and prejudices on the floor with your clothes.

Check into a naturist resort on Bonaire

Check into a naturist resort on Bonaire

Copyright: Chris Moore

6. No brown lines

What looks better or feels better than a healthy tan? After your holiday, this feeling of well-being remains, which is reflected in your all-round tan. And without tan lines, you look good no matter what you wear.

7. Make real friends for life

On a nude holiday you spend time with like-minded people. We’ve made our best friends through naturism and I suspect it’s because everyone is so open. There are no airs and graces; They see people for who they really are, making it much easier to form friendships and lasting relationships.

8. Easy to travel

Let’s face it, you’re not going to pack that much stuff when you travel. For now, leave the bathing suits at home (you’ll probably never need them again anyway). You may not be naked for a full 2 ​​weeks, but you certainly don’t need three outfits a day. And for little kids, that must be a blessing. This makes packing easier and you don’t have to lug around as much luggage.

9. It’s cheaper

There really is no need to buy a new swimsuit every year. Outgrown your summer pants? Who cares, you won’t be wearing them anyway. Yes, you will need clothes, but not that many! Pack light and don’t pay for that extra bag.

End of the clothing-optional beach in Haulover, Miami

End of the clothing-optional beach in Haulover, Miami

Copyright: Chris Moore

10. There are so many places to try it

Miami’s clothing-optional Haulover Beach is a great place to have your first nude beach experience. Florida, California, Mexico, and the Caribbean are home to numerous places to enjoy a nacation—from family-friendly naturist resorts (Cypress Cove in Florida) to all-inclusive adult-only nudist resorts (check out the Hidden Beach Resort in the Riviera Maya). .

If you like the great outdoors under canvas, pitch your tent in a secluded country spot or check into a more rustic naturist resort—(Check the American Association For Nude Recreation website for a comprehensive list of resorts with optional clothing). . Anyway, sleep naked and don’t bother getting dressed until you’ve packed away your tent. If sightseeing is your thing, how about staying at a naturist-friendly bed and breakfast (Nuance in Michigan is a good example) or a condo with a secluded outdoor pool; For example, look at bed and breakfasts in Key West.

If sailing is your thing, charter a crewed, clothing-optional tour or join other like-minded people on a nude cruise (see Bare Necessities). When you’re ready to go “all in,” stay at a naturist resort—there are hundreds to choose from in North America alone—where you can be naked all day (and night). Resorts vary in style — from simply “rustic” to five-star luxury, but they all offer opportunities to relax, walk, swim, and often exercise — all without a stitch of clothing.

Venture further into Europe and there are resorts where you can spend your entire vacation without ever having to get dressed. Many years ago my wife and I took our two young sons to a French resort for a short break. a suitcase, four towels – that’s it. We undressed when we arrived and didn’t get dressed until we left 2 weeks later.

In between we enjoyed the beach and the sea, rode bikes, swam in the pool, went to the bakery every morning to get our fresh bread, bought groceries and even went to the bank. We never got dressed. It was one of the most relaxing vacations we’ve ever had. And that’s a feeling millions of others have found too.

11. It just feels so damn good

The number one reason you should consider a nude vacation – it just feels so damn good to shed your clothes and feel the warm, gentle breeze caress your body. Imagine walking out of the sea, up the beach and laying on your towel. No tight, soaking bathing suit that hugs every crevice, and no sand in the most intimate places. Let the sun dry you like you say aaaahhhh.

National Nude Week is an opportunity for naturists to raise the profile of this wonderfully liberating lifestyle. Nude vacations are on the rise, and this summer is definitely the time to start planning yours. For more information see The Naturist Society (TNS) and AANR for Naturism in North America, the International Naturist Federation for Overseas and the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) referenced in the first paragraph of this article.

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