10 discoveries that prove Einstein was right about the universe – and 1 that proves him wrong

Legendary physicist Albert Einstein was a thinker ahead of his time. Born on March 14, 1879, Einstein entered a world where the dwarf planet Pluto had yet to be discovered and the idea of ​​space travel was a distant dream. Despite the technical limitations of his time, Einstein published his famous Theory of the General relativity in 1915, making predictions about the nature of the universe that would prove correct again and again for the next 100+ years.

Here are 10 recent observations that proved Einstein right about the nature of the cosmos a century ago—and one that proved him wrong.

1. The first image of a black hole

The first direct image of a black hole (Image credit: Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration)

Einstein’s general theory of relativity describes heaviness as a result of warping of Leisure time; Basically, the more massive an object is, the more it warps spacetime, causing smaller objects to fall onto it. The theory also predicts the existence of black holes – massive objects that warp space-time so badly that not even light can escape them.

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